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Internal Expressions - Resetting Health And Life

Health and Wellness Coach in Aldie, VA

Our Core Values
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About Us

Internal Expressions is helping veterans and active-duty military personnel reset their life and health. After retiring from the Navy, practice founder Michael Williams observed a significant lack of support for military members, so he started Internal Expressions as a way to provide easily-accessible mental and physical support to individuals and their families from offices in Aldie, Virginia. 

Internal Expressions aims to decrease joblessness, housing insecurity, and mental health crises in active-duty military and veterans. Services that help clients establish excellent physical and mental health include nutrition coaching, stress management, mindfulness coaching, and health and wellness care

At Internal Expressions, Michael supports and uplifts clients to help them achieve the rich and vibrant lives they deserve. Clients learn how to strengthen their “mental muscle” while building a strong and healthy body. 

When clients face new challenges, like transitioning to civilian life, bouncing back after divorce, or finding new goals in life, Michael can help them clarify their goals, break through roadblocks, learn new life skills, reshape their lives, and achieve their goals. 

Internal Expressions is currently welcoming new clients through telehealth. Call the office or book an appointment online today. 

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Our Vision

To continuously support Veterans on building empowering futures where personal growth is prioritized, and pursuing a life of health, wellness, and happiness is the core motivation.
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My approaches may be comprehensive,
but the mission is simple:
To deliver fellow Veterans the abundant resources, guidance, and concierge coaching services they deserve.
In addition;
· influence positive community developments
· demonstrate the value of health and wellness resetting
· ensure those who have served us rediscover (and maintain) their sense of worth, dignity, and honor. 
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