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Transitioning Support Services

Employment Assistance Program

Internal Expressions Military transition support services offer an employment assistance program specifically tailored to support military personnel during their transition from military service to civilian employment. This program aims to help individuals leverage their military skills and experiences to find meaningful and rewarding careers in the civilian workforce.

The employment assistance program provided by Internal Expressions Military transition support services includes a range of comprehensive services and resources. Some key components of the program may include:

Career Assessment and Planning: The program begins with a thorough assessment of each individual's skills, interests, and career goals. This assessment helps military personnel identify potential career paths and develop a personalized career plan.

Resume and Cover Letter Assistance: Professional resume writers and career counselors work with military personnel to create effective resumes and compelling cover letters that highlight their transferable skills and experiences. They ensure that the documents are tailored to meet the requirements of civilian employers and industry standards.

Job Search Strategies: The program provides guidance on effective job search techniques, including online job boards, networking, and targeted job applications. Military personnel are taught how to navigate job search platforms, utilize professional networking platforms, and access hidden job markets.

Interview Preparation: Employment assistance includes interview coaching and mock interview sessions to help military personnel improve their interview skills. They learn how to effectively communicate their military experiences, skills, and qualifications in a way that resonates with civilian employers.

Skills Translation and Credentialing: The program assists military personnel in translating their military skills and qualifications into civilian terminology. It helps individuals understand the equivalency of their military training and experience, and provides guidance on obtaining relevant civilian certifications or licenses, if required.

The employment assistance program provided by Internal Expressions Military transition support services recognizes the unique challenges and opportunities that military personnel face during their transition to civilian employment. By offering personalized support, tailored resources, and connections to employers who value military experience, the program aims to empower military personnel and enhance their prospects for successful civilian careers.

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