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Chief Executive Officer

Michael Williams

Our mission does not end once we take off the uniform; it only changes.

Welcome, friend; I am so grateful you are here. I am Michael Williams, a dynamic health and wellness coach who is committed to ensuring those who have served never have to navigate their internal battles alone. As a fellow veteran, I truly understand the challenges and stress that come with transitioning from uniform to civilian. I also know what it is like to feel isolated, forgotten, and disconnected, as though you do not fit into the civilian mold. But, what stings me the most is knowing I am not the only one. Millions of veterans, families, and VA caregivers face repercussions due to a lack of veteran support every single day, ranging from job loss to housing loss to even life loss. This reality impacted me so much that I have since founded Internal Expressions. It is not to just become a support system that helps active duty, veterans, and their families reset themselves, but ultimately helps both them and those around them embrace their past and transform from merely surviving to genuinely thriving.

A bit about myself, I am a product of Bastrop, Louisiana and I learned early on the inherent value of leading with intention and possessing a strong work ethic. Part of that stems from being raised by hard-working parents and part from my natural ambition to help others in large ways. With that as my foundation, these values became the catalyst for me to attain a BS in Nursing, an MS in Healthcare Administration, and serve in the Navy alongside an incredible team of men and women, many of whom I am still proud to call my friends. But upon retiring (honorably discharged) and witnessing the lack of support for veteran mental and physical support, these values inspired me to fill those long overdue loyalty voids.

I established Internal Expressions with a core goal to empower fellow veterans and their family/caretaking circles to unlock innate potential and adopt healthy mind and body habits without any waiver strings attached. And above all, I do so all while sending out gentle reminders that just because one chapter of their story ended, it doesn't mean that another one is not about to begin.

No service member or family left behind. Nothing makes me happier than utilizing my own experiences and networking bridges to help active duty and veterans reignite their flame, recognize their innate sense of purpose, and ultimately discover their newfound mission that makes life worth living. In the end, going from combat boots to sneakers or heels is a hard adjustment for anyone to make. But if there is one thing for sure, this is not the end of your story. You are so much more than you may think you are, and you hold so much more power to change than you can imagine…uniform or not. The best part is that sometimes all it takes is connecting with a fellow service member who values the trajectory of your health and happiness just as much as you do to finally begin recognizing that.

I see you, I appreciate you, and I thank you

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