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Health and Wellness Coaching

Health and Wellness Coaching services offered in Aldie, VA

Health and Wellness Coaching supports sustainable lifestyle and behavior changes to give you a more fulfilling and healthier life. At Internal Expressions, Certified Health and Wellness Coach Michael Williams provides coaching specifically geared to the needs of active-duty military members and veterans. As a Navy veteran, Michael approaches health and wellness coaching with compassionate support and a deep understanding of your individual situation. Call the office or book your appointment online today. 

Health and Wellness Coaching Q & A

What are health and wellness?

Health and Wellness are two different things that overlap and work together. 


The typical understanding of the term “health” is actually incorrect. Many people assume it simply means not having a disease or bodily weakness. But, in fact, the term health refers to complete physical, mental, and social well-being.


Wellness is a process in which you learn more about your health and implement new changes to enjoy a healthier body, mind, and soul. 

At Internal Expressions, Michael guides you through health and wellness using his specialized skills as a certified coach.

How does Health and Wellness coaching work?

Health and Wellness Coaching includes:

Examining your health

Examining your health includes identifying the problems disrupting your physical, mental, and social health. 

Michael helps you find areas you’d like to improve, such as losing extra weight, improving your relationships, or overcoming anxiety and depression. 

Finding the root of health and wellness problems

Michael helps you see how all your areas of concern are intertwined. There’s often a clear trigger for these problems. 

For example, there’s a strong connection between sleep, stress, and recovery because those things can all make you feel completely exhausted and unable to make the changes you want to make. Michael coaches you as you uncover the root causes of these health and wellness disruptions, including the invisible ones. 

Making positive changes

Positive changes are easier than you think when approached the right way. At Internal Expressions, Michael coaches you in health and wellness techniques such as meditation and mindfulness. These approaches help reduce stress, improve mental clarity, and alleviate anxiety, and may also have other positive benefits like pain control.

Your Health and Wellness Coaching is tailored to your particular needs and goals. Michael understands your difficulties and provides uplifting steady support when you need it the most. 

How can I maintain health and wellness improvements?  

Maintaining your newly-improved health and wellness is all about making sustainable lifestyle and behavior changes. With Michael’s help, you’ll learn a new way to live, including tips and tricks for staying on track long-term.  

Health and Wellness Coaching isn’t about quick fixes; Michael can help you make improvements you’ll benefit from for the rest of your life.   

Internal Expressions, Michael can help you achieve the best holistic health and wellness, now and for a lifetime. Call the office or book your appointment using the online scheduling feature today.