Telehealth for Veterans and their Family: Access Our Experts From Home

Sep 01, 2023
Telehealth for Veterans and their Family: Access Our Experts From Home
Have you thought of trying telehealth? Find out how telehealth can provide access to vital services for veterans and their families.

Telehealth provides vital services and healthcare remotely using technology to connect providers with patients. Telehealth makes accessing care convenient because you can use video calls, phone calls, text messages, and even email from the comfort of your home. There’s no worrying about parking, traffic, or time spent commuting to and from your provider’s office. 

Telehealth is particularly helpful to veterans and their families who lead busy, full lives and may feel more comfortable and safer receiving life coaching and wellness services at home.

At Internal Expressions: Resetting Health and Life in Aldie, Virginia, experienced Health and Wellness Coach Michael Williams offers various services via telehealth to help veterans and their families thrive and live life to the fullest. Services that Michael offers to veterans and their families through telehealth include:

Health and wellness coaching

Through telehealth health and wellness coaching, Michael can help you improve your well-being and achieve your health goals, such as weight loss, fitness, better sleep, reduced stress, and better mental outlook. He can help you identify behaviors that are interfering with your goals and coach you to make positive changes.

Meditation coaching

Meditation is a research-backed effective strategy to help you enjoy a better quality of life. Studies have shown it can be particularly helpful for those in the veteran community. Via telehealth, Michael can teach you mindfulness meditation benefits and lead a meditation session with you. 

Nutrition coaching

Nutrition coaching helps you understand how what you eat impacts your mood, health, and many other aspects of your life. Michael can help you learn a new way of planning meals, eating mindfully, and reaching your nutritional goals, whether that’s losing weight, having more energy, or gaining muscle. 

Stress management coaching

Being in the military can be extremely stressful, with the stress continuing into retirement. Too much stress can impact your health in a variety of ways. Michael gets to the root of your anxiety and teaches you practical techniques to help you manage stress, improve sleep quality, and boost your resilience and recovery. 

Transition coaching

Michael is a Navy veteran who understands the unique transitions that military members face throughout their lifetime. If you’re having difficulty with a significant change in your life that’s affecting you and your family, Michael can help. Through proven strategies, he can help you successfully move through a challenging time without debilitating anxiety and stress.

If you’re ready to schedule a telehealth appointment with expert life coach Michael Williams, call Internal Expressions today to make an appointment or request one online.